About Us

“We seek to provide the highest quality independent financial advice to our clients.”

"Our modern administrative systems and procedures are robust and have your confidentiality at their core."

An Authoritative Resource

Chartered Financial Management has been structured and resourced to deliver a lifetime service to those that value it and to recognise the challenges that real people encounter on a daily basis.

We take our commitment to deliver successful planning and outcomes very seriously. This requires us to have authoritative in-house knowledge, skills and understanding across the area of financial advice and investment management.

The Foundations

Chartered Financial Management was established in 1998, when we recognised that delivering the service that was promised to clients was paramount to being successful.

From the outset, we have invested in recruiting the best staff and providing those staff with a quality working environment, supported by modern systems and procedures that are administratively robust and have confidentiality at their core.

We have grown predominantly through client referrals and good reputation.  However, the drive to offer the most comprehensive range of services, delivered by the best advisers, led to a desire to expand further.

An unusual aspect of our business is that, for our size, we have far more technical support and qualified administration staff than most other financial advisory firms - this reflects our commitment to deliver the service we promise. We do not outsource our responsibilities - within our offices, you will find Financial Advisers, an Investment Manager, a Compliance Manager, technical support staff and an administration team.

Our head office is based in King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset. We are able to resource the quality staff we need to deliver our service promise from our nearby communities and provide an attractive physical environment in which to work. 

We also have offices in Bath and London - they are primarily used for facilitating client meetings, as we firmly believe that centralised administration enhances efficiencies within our business.

Our Four Principles

There are four principles at the centre of our business philosophy. These principles drive how we position ourselves within our industry, which in turn, help us to positively ‘stand out’ in the financial management service sector.

The four principles apply to all those we work with, including: clients, staff, business partners and regulators:

  • To act with the greatest integrity in all our dealings
  • To communicate in an open, clear and straightforward way
  • To embrace technology in support of an efficient business
  • To promote professionalism within our business and the financial services industry

We have invested not only in our staff but also in systems that we believe enhance efficiency and ensure we can deliver the very best advisory service at a competitive price.

Investing in Staff

We do not outsource our responsibilities and we pride ourselves on good communications.”

It may be surprising to include information on staff investment but we feel this is very much where we stand apart from many other financial advisory firms.

The depth and breadth of knowledge within our company is extensive and we have some of the highest qualified staff within the financial services industry, which means we are able to offer full independent advice. As an example, we have staff qualified to operate as discretionary investment managers, pension specialists, tax mitigation specialists and, perhaps most importantly, significant experience of working with real people in real life situations.

All of our advisers have significant experience in the financial services industry.

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