Active Investment

“Our core strength lies in our recognition of changing client needs and our ability to respond positively to these and the wider economic landscape.”

"We always seek to deliver maximum value through active asset allocation and fund manager positioning."

Responsive to Change

If nothing ever changed, in life or investment markets, we would simply place our money in an investment and leave it there until we needed it at a future date. However, life isn’t that simple!

Things do change, not only in investment markets but also in the needs of investors, and when they change, they change quickly.

Chartered Financial Management's core strength lies in our recognition of changing client needs and our ability to respond positively to these and the wider economic landscape.

Meeting challenges presented by change, coupled with up-to-the-minute knowledge of market behaviour enables us to deliver valued strategies in ‘Investment Advice & Planning’.

Our appreciation of the need to respond positively to change acts as a primary driver to our Active Investment Service in which our in-house team of investment professionals who meet regularly to review global economies and asset classes and, allowing for economic and political sentiment, how we feel these will perform over the next three to twelve months.

When the views of our investment team are in consensus, we then consider which asset class we feel will be most rewarding. Once we establish which asset class we feel would be most rewarding, we then research the very best fund managers from the whole of the investment market to identify which manager in each market will be able to deliver the best return and, once we have settled upon the most appropriate asset allocation and fund manager mandates, we then recommend portfolio positions to our clients.

This is an evolving process in which we never rest on our laurels but continue, constantly monitoring asset classes and fund positions, such that our investors receive the returns they would expect based on the level of risk they are willing to take.

Analysing Investment Risk

Over time a client’s willingness to take risk will change - our responsive service provides the opportunity to move from different risk rated portfolios at any time.

We offer tailored investment portfolios with different objectives, from capital growth to income, to those with an ethical preference. However, whilst the objective of the investment portfolio may differ, the service we provide does not. We always seek to deliver maximum value through active asset allocation and fund manager positioning.

Capital Growth Portfolios

If you are seeking ‘capital growth’, the portfolios we offer include:

  • Cautious
  • Cautiously Balanced
  • Balanced
  • Moderately Aggressive
  • Aggressive

Whilst for those seeking an income, we offer a cautious income and an aggressive income portfolio.

As noted above, we also offer an Ethical portfolio as part of our capital growth range.

What is Risk?

It can be considered difficult to categorise risk, since what might be thought of as adventurous to one investor may be safe to another. However, to try and provide an appropriate measure of risk we would often consider this to be associated with volatility. A cautious investor would feel uncomfortable if the value of their portfolio were to experience high levels of volatility in the short term, whilst a more aggressive investor would not be unsettled by short term periods of high volatility if, over the longer term, they could see the prospects for significant profit .

Investment Management Service

One aspect of our business is the offering of a pro-active Investment Management Service.

This service is suitable for clients who know the degree of risk with which they are comfortable and want a pro-active advisory service that reviews the investments they hold on a regular basis. In providing this service we can ensure that investment portfolios are positioned to reflect our views on investment markets and how we feel clients can maximise their returns taking account of market conditions and their own tolerance for investment risk.

We offer a number of risk rated portfolios from Cautious through to Aggressive, each designed to reflect individual client risk tolerance. Clients can switch between all portfolios at no charge to enable their investments to be adjusted should their risk tolerance change.  Portfolio switches are made without cost or charge.

Our in-house Investment Committee meets every month to review economic conditions, fund manager performance and how these affect client portfolios.  When we feel a change is beneficial for you, we will contact you and provide a recommendation. The service has been designed to be transparent in terms of cost and accessibility.

One clear, maximum fee of 1% per annum of the funds under management with:

  • All investment management advice, service and administration included within the fee
  • No dealing charges or commissions apply when investment changes or switches are made
  • Any commissions payable (which cannot be waived by us) are credited back to your account
  • Easy access to your investments, with no penalties or charges at any time
  • On-line access to your investments (valuation, trading history, income etc)
  • Quarterly investor newsletter, including review of markets and portfolios
  • Consolidated financial year end tax voucher available
  • Available for Pensions, ISAs, Trusts and Direct Funds

The service is part of our client proposition and one that we feel is essential in times when economies and investment markets react so quickly to news.

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