Financial Services for Businesses

Over the last twenty years we have worked closely with a huge array of diversified companies and are immensely proud of the partnerships we have developed with various household names throughout the UK.

The likelihood is you will have either eaten a product, used a piece of paper or wood, removed packaging, read a brochure or arranged a mortgage from a company whose staff have their financial welfare and future managed by us.


With such a large workforce, over the years we have had to deal with many issues, including redundancy and supporting staff and their families through illness and death.  During these sensitive and challenging times, Russell and his team have looked after our staff and their families professionally and with empathy.  Our workforce is multi-national and the advisers have built great relationships with them, translating complex financial jargon into simple plain English.

Anita Calverley, HR Director, Yeo Valley Farm Productions Limited


Adding true value to your business

The employers we work with value their staff as their greatest asset and feel it is paramount to a good working environment that their staff are well looked after and understand their benefits.

Design, implementation & support

Acting as an “Out-sourced Inhouse” pension and benefits team,  we look to work in tandem with company Finance Directors/HR departments by helping with the design, implementation, ongoing management and support of employee benefit schemes.

Attracting, retaining and protecting

By providing independent financial advice on employee group benefit schemes we look to fully “engage” the entire workforce, and help to create an environment from which every employee, from bottom to top, can thrive in. Attracting, retaining and protecting your staff and your business is paramount to our ethos.

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