Chartered Financial Management (UK) Ltd and the Fidelius Group - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the background to this development?

In July 2018 we announced that Chartered Financial Management had formed a strategic partnership with Pacific Asset Management (PAM) to develop a dynamic, cost efficient and technology-driven investment solution for its clients, which would improve investment flexibility and deliver a consistent investment approach.

[Pacific Asset Management ( is the trading name of Pacific Capital Partners Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and is part of the Pacific Group.]

Since that date, the Pacific Group, through a separate entity, has owned the majority direct shareholding and voting rights in CFM, although this has not altered our regulatory responsibility or our commitment to provide you with independent impartial financial planning advice.

In June 2020, PAM entered a strategic partnership with the Fidelius Group, a Bath-based organisation that provides wealth management, employee benefits and investment management services to its clients.  PAM and Fidelius have become mutual minority shareholders in each other, through PAM acquiring the ownership of Fidelius’ investment management arm (Parallel Investment Management Ltd) and Fidelius acquiring the ownership of two IFA businesses owned by PAM, of which Chartered Financial Management is one.

What does this mean in practice?   

The ownership of Chartered Financial Management has changed but the services that we provide for our clients remain the same.

Will Chartered Financial Management be rebranded to Fidelius?

Chartered Financial Management’s name will remain unchanged for the time being.  However, we will be working with Fidelius as one company and will therefore integrate into the Fidelius brand in due course.

Will I be dealing with different people?

You will continue to receive financial planning advice, paraplanning and administrative support from the team at Chartered Financial Management.

Will there be any change to the location of Chartered Financial Management’s offices?

We do not currently have any plans to close or relocate the offices.  However, we have demonstrated our flexibility in working practices during the COVID-19 crisis and we will carry out a review of all office locations in due course.  In line with the Government’s current guidance, all our staff will continue to work remotely until further notice.

Will the contact details for Chartered Financial Management change?

No – our office address, telephone numbers and email addresses will remain as at present.

Will the management of my investments change?

No – Fidelius, like Chartered Financial Management, will remain an independent firm offering impartial advice on financial matters.  We will therefore continue to provide independent financial advice, incorporating recommendations for suitable financial products from the whole of the market.  This means that your investment capital will continue to be under constant review to help you meet your financial objectives, goals and aspirations

Will I have to sign new paperwork because of this change?

No – it will be business as usual.

Posted by Chartered Financial Management (UK) Ltd on June 11th 2020

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