House price growth slowing down, says Halifax

News update from CFM (UK) Ltd:  Further evidence has emerged of a slow-down in UK house prices in April, as the Halifax said growth eased to 9.2% compared to last year. Compared with March, prices actually fell in April, by 0.8%, and a month ago, the Halifax said house prices were rising by 10.1%. Dr Howard Archer, chief economist at IHS Economics, said that uncertainty over the EU referendum was also likely to "rein in" housing market activity for the next few months. Martin Ellis, Halifax's housing economist, said current market conditions remain very tight as the severe imbalance between supply and demand persists: "This situation, combined with low interest rates and rising employment and real earnings, should continue to push house prices up over the coming months," he added. A record 165,400 UK properties were sold in March ahead of the tax changes, which was 11% more than the previous peak in January 2007, according to HMRC.

The Morning Account

Posted on May 10th 2016

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