Minister Admits New State Pension ‘Mis-sold’

News Update from CFM (UK) Ltd: Pensions minister Ros Altmann has said that significant reforms to the state pension have been “mis-sold” to the public. In an interview on the BBC’s Woman’s Hour, it was put to Baroness Altmann that many people were wrongly expecting to receive a full flat rate of £155 a week, from next April, and that they had been misled. “I agree that the new state pension has been mis-sold,” said Baroness Altmann, adding. “There is so much misconception [about what people will get].” It comes as new figures show a fifth of the population is claiming the state pension. Some 13m receive the benefit, up from 11.6m a decade ago.

Financial Times   The Sun, Page: 47

Posted on November 13th 2015

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