Our Charges

We firmly believe that a good adviser will add value in a working relationship and that the remuneration for good advice should be:


Agreed before any action is taken


Clear and transparent


Fair to both client and adviser


Paid in the most efficient way possible

We make no charge for an initial meeting and you will be under no obligation to enter a working relationship with us unless you wish to do so.

To gain an understanding of whether you would like to work with us, we make NO CHARGE for an initial meeting and following an initial meeting you will be under no obligation to enter a working relationship with us unless YOU wish to do so.

We always endeavour to put our client’s interests at the forefront of the advice we provide and, to ensure clients only stay with us because they value the advice we provide, we guarantee to never charge an exit fee, should a client wish to end their relationship with us. The drive behind our business is to attract and retain clients because we do things well and fairly and not because they are tied to us by a contract.

At the initial meeting we will discuss the range of services that we feel may be appropriate to you and confirm the cost associated with these. The actual charge will reflect the complexity of the advice you would like from us both at the outset and in the future. If you would like to discuss potential charges before an initial meeting please call us and we will be happy to assist.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to explore our range of services further, please contact our office, where one of our staff will be very happy to arrange a meeting with one of our advisers, who can detail what we offer and the potential costs.

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