Our Services

“Our services include an Active Investment Service, Pension Planning, Tax Mitigation and General Financial Planning.”

We make no charge for an initial meeting. We will not charge you for any future work, until we have agreed the service you require and the fee applicable.

Whilst we would very much like to have a lifetime (Full Advisory Service) working relationship with all of our clients, we recognise that some only require advice occasionally or in relation to a specific matter (Consultancy Advice).

Every Client is Different

We recognise that no two clients are alike and we therefore tailor our service to reflect each individual client’s particular needs and preferences.

At all times an initial consultation with us is free. At this initial consultation we will listen to you and discuss your financial requirements and expectations. Allowing for these we will then clearly explain the service we can offer including any likely initial cost and agree any ongoing review service.

Our main role is to provide Independent Financial Advice to Individual and Corporate clients. This covers an enormous range of advice from Corporate Employee Benefit Solutions through to assisting clients with selecting an ISA.

The following are just some of the areas where we frequently advise our Personal and Business/Corporate clients:

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Personal Client - Areas of Advice

  • Maximising Income from Capital
  • Mitigating and recovering Income and/or Capital Gains Tax through investment
  • Avoiding Inheritance Tax on your estate (it is never too late)
  • At retirement planning (advising on the array of income options)
  • Pre-retirement planning (advising on building an adequate fund)
  • Financial Protection for the self-employed and small business owner

Corporate Client - Areas of Advice

  • Extracting profits tax efficiently
  • Establishing and running a Company Pension Scheme
  • Administration service for Company Pension Schemes
  • Company Life Assurance review and advice for your whole workforce plus key employees and shareholders
  • Employee sickness schemes
  • Buying your business premises
  • Advising retiring staff on financial and lifestyle changes

We are committed to working with other professionals and enjoy a strong working relationship with some of the largest firms of accountants and solicitors in Somerset.

Services Summarised

Please see a brief summary of some of our services below:

Employee Benefits

These include advising employers on the structure and operation of staff pensions, life assurance, and health and sickness plans.

Whilst we run many schemes for existing clients, we are also able to provide one-off reviews for those employers who would like a completely independent assessment that includes a comprehensive analysis of current plans and potential alternatives.

Specialist Pension Planning

Our in-house expertise enables us to provide you with advice on complex pension solutions, including self-administered schemes, previous pension entitlements, at retirement planning and realistic lifetime saving.

Active Investment Service

We offer an active investment service whereby we take in-house responsibility for reviewing asset positions and fund manager mandates for clients on a monthly basis.

This service is very much designed for those who require a regular, detailed review and who want to seek the maximum return, within the degree of risk they are willing to accept.

Tax Mitigation

We believe that the legitimate management of tax is one of the greatest contributors to enhancing client wealth - we offer advice on mitigating income, capital gains and inheritance tax by use of modern tax planning solutions.

General Financial Planning

The services described above may be considered specialist in nature, however, they inevitably form part of a larger financial plan. We provide a full financial review service, encompassing some of the services outlined above.

We only employ experienced advisers who, when compared to their peers, are well qualified. Our advisers are dedicated to the financial services profession and, most importantly, committed to putting our clients’ interests first.

Our other financial advisory services

If you use our investment service you will automatically have access to a qualified financial adviser who will be able to advise you on all other aspects of your finances. As such, whilst our investment proposition is, in itself, highly attractive to many, we also extend the opportunity to call upon the services of our team of professional advisers, if you would like advice in relation to any other financial matter.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to utilise our services, please contact our office. A member of our staff will arrange an appointment for you to meet with one of our advisory team. There is no obligation when first meeting one of our advisers as they will simply talk you through our processes, the services we offer and the likely costs which you will then have time to consider before committing.

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